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Welcome to Crafty Little You! We are a DIY home décor company with 1000’s of items to choose from! We have something for every theme, holiday, season, and for every room of your home that can be finished to match every style there is!

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Offering shipping to the continental US on all orders $50+

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Using only the highest quality wood materials, every time

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Great prices on your favorite unique DIY crafts.

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    • Earn 10% commission in FREE PRODUCT on every sale!

    • Earn monthly bonus products in addition to your 10% commission that you can keep, sell, or useas incentives for your own Crafty Little You business!

    • If you choose to offer Finished items, you can earn unlimited income from painting and completing Crafty Little You kits for your customers!

    • Party hosts will earn 10% in free product for themselves, AND for you as their Rep!

    • Low quota of only $250 per quarter!

    • Qualify for our yearly sales goal, and receive huge rewards! Examples in the past have beencruise tickets, and a cash bonus!

    • Be the first to purchase the newest, on trend, home décor items that come out weekly!

    • Become a Rep for a growing, thriving business that cares! Crafty Little You prides itself on each Rep becoming part of their family, and not just a number. Enjoy the close-knit comrade between our staff and fellow Reps!

    Our Representatives receive 10% of every order's total as a FREE product! Many people use this to fund their own crafting addictions, but you can use the box :

    • Use the free product to boost your interaction with your customer and offer them as proirs for
      giveaway games!
    • Give them a free Item to great customer as a special Thank you!
    • Use your commission to

    The website will automatically add the craft onto your order if it is $250 or more. You don’t have to do anything!

    No. Crafty Little You cuts kits only as they are ordered. We do our best to give a detailed description on every craft kit so there are no surprises on what you are getting.

    We understand that life happens, and sometimes just gets too busy, or major events happen. All we ask is you to communicate that you’d still like to sell, so we don’t assume you are done.

    In order to keep continuity between all our Reps and their locations, we do not allow the prices on any of our Unfinished kits to be changed. If you do decide to offer Finished items, that price point is completely up to you!

    Contact us on our dedicated Customer Service Email address if there are any problems with the product, and we'll do our best to make it right as quickly as we can.

    No. All kits have a description that comes with them and pieces can not be substituted out of them.

    No, as we are the manufacturer of these kit, we cut them as they are ordered. We strive to provide a detailed description of what is in each kit so you know exactly what you will be receiving. If you have any questions, please reach out to your Rep before ordering. As a Rep or customer, you could resale the items you no longer want.

    $50. New to Crafty Little You, we are now shipping items directly to your door without having to have a party!

    Items will be going in to our vault, and can no longer be purchased after the date listed.

    All kits from Crafty Little You come Unfinished, meaning raw wood. If the description states that it will includes vinyl or vinyl stencil, those will be included. Things that are not in the kit include: paint, paper, ribbon, and embellishments. Most people like to use their own so they can match it to their own style!

    Just as one can mess up a box of Mac & Cheese, one can also mess up a craft! Luckily, our kits are forgiving and can almost always be sanded down and started over. If you’re in a real bind, feel free to reach out to your Rep for ideas on how it could be fixed.

    Have your order number and item code ready, and reach out to your Rep with what is missing.


    One thing we’ve learned that helps with stencils and rashing, is after letting your paint REALLY dry, lightly blot your stencil with a towel before placing it on your board. Just to remove a little of the tack from the vinyl!

    Placement of the eyes! And how to make them look good! You choose how you like your eyes, BUT....... If you like how they look in the picture, follow these tips!

    I use the end of my paintbrush. (Use the end of anything even the tip of a pen if needed) dip in paint. Paint on with small circular motion.

    **** BIGGEST TIP!!!!!**** PLACE THE EYES RIGHT ON TIP TOP OF NOSE! Not clear up in the air!

    Using white chalk paint is our absolute favorite! We haven't found better coverage using any other type of craft paint, (and we know how sometimes white can be tricky!) One or two coats of this and you're good to go. Waverly has been our go-to brand!

    How to do cheeks! Easy quick and fast cheeks, that look fantastic!!!

    What's the secret? Makeup! Just use your blush and a blush brush! Goes on smooth and perfect every time!

    A “Party” is an order that totals $150 or more. The customer will act as the Host, and collect orders from their friends and family.

    Click this tab and you will be sent a link to your own personal party!

    Your Rep can help you set up a party! Here is a way to find them. Share you own personal party link in any of these ways! Your friends and family will have easy access to the thousands of available items!
    ▪ A social media party
    ▪ A get-together and craft at your house
    ▪ A craft club
    ▪ Ladies at work
    ▪ Girls night out
    ▪ Send out a group text

    That’s okay! Just click on this link, and we will connect you with one of our Reps! They may not live near you or be present at your party, but they’ll walk you through the steps on getting started!

    The Hostess will receive 10% of their order’s total as a FREE product! They’ll be able to choose from our entire inventory for what they’d like to use their credit on. Also, if the order totals over $250, they will qualify to receive the bonus Craft of the Month!

    Having a Party can happen in many ways, and doesn’t necessarily mean you have to host a craft night at your home! (Even though those are pretty fun!) A lot of our Hosts just collect the orders, have it shipped to them, and then everyone completes their projects on their own time!

    We are now able to offer direct shipping to our Party Host’s! After you place your Party order, it will be shipped right to your door. From there, it will be your choice on if you’d like to deliver the crafts, or have your friends and family come get them from you!

    As often as you’d like! Once every 6 months, once a month, 4 times a month…we get it! We’re hooked on these crafts too!

    All our items are manufactured in our warehouse. During our peak season, (August-February,) orders will take 3-5 business days in house to fill. All the other months will be 3-4 business days in house. An order received before 8 AM will be considered that business day. After 8 AM will be considered the next day. After it is shipped, the delivery time will depend on your location.

    At this time, we do not have the option of expediting an order. Please plan on a 3-5 day window
    before your order is completed and shipped out of our facility.

    No. We currently only ship stateside.

    No. We are the manufacturer of these kits, and we cut them as they are ordered. We strive to provide a detailed description of what is in each kit so you know exactly what you will be purchasing. If you have any questions, please reach out to your Rep before ordering.

    The quickest way to resolve a damaged kit is reaching out to the Rep you purchased your
    product from. Please provide them with the kit name, item number, and a photo of the
    damaged piece/s. Your rep will put in a customer service ticket on your behalf, and we will get it
    resolved as quickly as possible.

    MDF stands for Medium/Density Fiberboard. Our MDF is high quality, not like the cheaper stuff you may find at your local box store! Therefore, you’re able to achieve a professional finished product easily.

    Unfinished means raw wood. It will not come painted or with any embellishments. All Crafty Little You kits come unfinished for you to complete on your own and add your own style!

    Crafty Little You only sells unfinished kits. However, if you’d like something Finished, you can always reach out to your Rep and see if they do Finished Work!

    Interchangeable means you have a main piece that will stay the same throughout the year, but you can change out the seasonal pieces that go with it.

    An overlay is an extra piece of wood that lays on top of another piece. An example would be a flower with a center circle being the overlay.

    Everything we make is manufactured right here in the good ol’ USA! Our warehouse is located in Idaho.

    You tell us. We listen.

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